Fast Cars!

I don’t usually shoot cars.  But the minute I heard I was invited to Mercedes GP’s VIP suit, I booked the ticket and ordered 70-200mm VR II rental lens.  It’s not often you get to be Michael Schumacher’s guest: champagnes and caviar, uhmmm….. 

Shooting race cars at night turned out to be a lot more challenging than I thought. I didn’t want to shoot high ISO (I hate noise!), so I had to trade-off some shutter speed.  This is one of the few that turned out sharp while panning.  I was shooting 4 frames per second; so I would say the success rate is much less than 1%.   Keep in mind that this is at the end of the longest straight; going into turn one.  So I only had about 3 seconds to spot the car,  focus, lock, and pan.  I love the effect of motion blur.

Singapore Grand Prix - Sebastian Vettel


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