Meeting Michael Schumacher

The most exciting event during Singapore GP for me was meeting Michael Schumacher at Mercedes GP’s VIP suite.  We were told Michael will come  up for 15 minutes; but he won’t be signing any autographs.  Makes sense; if he signs one, then he will have to stick around and make every “VIP” happy.  But I was determined not to go home empty handed.   Gosh, the statistics of me getting invited back to F1 VIP suite is probably less than the chance of me winning the lottery.  Let alone the chance of meeting the world champion!  So I had to come up with an plan. 

Since I knew he won’t sign autographs publicly, I had to try while no one is around; I will probably have better chance that way. Since I know exactly when he will come to the suite; all I have to do is catch him before he gets there.   Then I figured Michael will most likely more willing to sign if the requester is better looking than me.  So I decided to send Ginny instead.    So, the plan is set.

– 4:45PM.  Stepped out side to scout where Michael could be coming.  The suite is right next to a stair well going down to the pit; there was a security guard standing there.  We decided that’s the most likely path for Michael (despite the fact that the guard assured us no one will come up).

– 4:58PM.  It’s getting close.  We stood there anxiously waiting.  Ginny holding Mercedes GP cap with a Sharpie (Funny, I had it in my bag.   I came prepared).

– 5:04PM.  It’s past the time Michael was supposed to show up.  Argh… the suspense is killing me.

– 5:08PM.  The stairwell door opens and there he is!

Ginny jumped right in front of him and handed him the cap and Sharpie with her best smile.  Michael smirks (he must have found our sneak attack amusing), said nothing, and signed it!  Yeah!  Our devious plan worked.

He did make another autograph after the meet and greet; it was for a little kid.  I suppose it would have looked bad if he he refused.  So there it is.

When we got home, we decided to take a few pictures before I take the cap home and lock it up in a safe.  It turned out to be a lot harder than I thought.  To light the cap, I placed an umbrella pointing down on the cap.  But the cap casts a shadow on Ginny’s face; no good!  I need a fill.  Then I remembered I brought my Orbis ringflash.  Five minutes later; this is the result.

Ginny - Schumacher Cap

Not bad eh?   I love how the beauty retouch technique made her face look so smooth and natural.  Almost like a cosmetic poster.  And this is after Ginny took off her makeup!


2 Responses to “Meeting Michael Schumacher”

  1. I think luck was trully well on your side i have since him 3 times and every meeting has been sesational. i also have followed/supported him since 1991. i think i am the only fan out of millions that has written a dedication/tribute book for him, i sent him a ist signed edition and he loves it. it is worth the effort to know your celebrity, i have found no fault with Michael Schumacher but there are others who would be spiteful and critize a great celebrity, they have no idea of what kind of man he is, off the track he is such a cool friendly lay back person compared to his hungry for victories on the F1 track, to me nobody should ever condem or critize a genius.

  2. Agreed. Michael could easily choose to stay retired after his unprecedented accomplishments. Instead he chose to compete for a 2nd tier team which needs development; for me that deserves respect no matter what the outcome is.

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