DLWS Day 3 AM Shoot – Muir Woods

We got a break on day 3.  We got to wake up late – 6AM.  The destination s Muir Woods to get some forest scenes.  I found this little creek with flowing water and spent most of the time trying to get a sharp picture.  The problem is, I was shooting from a wooden bridge.  Every time someone walks by, the tripod shakes!

This is actually not a tricky shot:

– Wide angle lens.  So any aperture will get good depth of field.

– Polarizer.  Used to get rid of the reflections on the water.

– Slow shutter speed to bring out the white water.

Creek at Muir Woods

Creek at Muir Woods


One Response to “DLWS Day 3 AM Shoot – Muir Woods”

  1. Held-off on a polarizer for my wide angle lens, but the reflection factor has me on the verge of ordering one. For reflections in glass or water. Although I’m in the forest the most.


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