DLWS Day 2: Afternoon Shoot

We got a chance to shoot at San Francisco Fire Department’s station 34 on day 2.  What’s special about this station is that they have a cost rescue unit with a truck full of special gears for water rescue.  These are the brave people who would jump into the treacherous waters under the Golden Gate Bridge if they have to.

The lady in the picture is Trish Lee.  Joe McNally setup his large Lasolite white translucent  panel with multiple SB-900 flahses.  I decided to borrow his setup and quickly placed a single SB-600 flash behind the white panel.  You can’t go wrong when you follow master!  The trick to this shot is to balance the flash (which is coming from left side, above camera) and the ambient light (which is a combination of day light, truck tail lights, and the flashing gumball lights from the siren).  If the flash is too strong, then it will look unnatural.   If it is too weak, then Trish’s face and upper body will be too dark.

Trish - SFFD Station 34

Trish - SFFD Station 34

Here is the lighting setup (Joe is standing behind the light stand).  Joe has his nice SB-900s clamped to the panel.  My little SB-600 is on the light-stand.

Lighting Setup

Lighting Setup


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