Liz Ashley – High Key

Liz Ashley by Sheng Huang (projectxo) on
Well… let’s call it a high-key attempt; I didn’t over-expose it enough to fit the description of classic high-key.

Lighting setup is actually a little counter intuitive.  There are two softboxes; one on each side of Liz.  They are actually pointing 45 degrees backwards.  I had Liz stand right at the front edge of the softboxes; so she is only feathered by the edge of the softboxes.  So, Liz is pretty much side lit plus whatever the light is reflecting back from the off-white seamless background.

In case you are wondering what I would consider classic high-key.  Here it is.  But, may be I have to add some lens flare to make it more convincing.
Liz Ashley

Liz Ashley

What if I processed it in black and white?
Liz Ashley


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