St. Augustine Church

It was our first night in Paris; it started to rain shortly after we checked into the hotel. We found this restaurant at the street corner that looks pretty good. Quickly, we learned that in France the waiters will come when they want; it’s useless calling them. While waiting for our waiter, I noticed that the rain eased and the sky was turning blue (sunset was around 8PM). So I decided to get a few quick shots across the street. Suddenly, I realized the condition was perfect: the sun just set so the sky is perfectly blue, the streets are wet so there are nice reflections from all the lights, and the church just turned on it’s lights. I didn’t have my tripod with me. Luckily, I had my VR lens. So here. The trick is the same as Golden Gate Bridge. -2 stop under exposed.

St. Augustine Church, Paris


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