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Rosely Mastrapa – Fashion

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Rosely Mastrapa

Finally got some time to clean up some old work.  I should have more picture coming the next few days.  Setup for this picture is pretty simple.

  • One softbox to the right of camera, above.
  • The wall on the left serves as a nice reflector (it was a small conference room).

For some reason, there is a peach-ish color cast.  Perhaps it was the conference room walls.  But fortunately, it matches Rosely’s dress nicely; so I left it as is.



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Rosely - Fashion Baby

This picture shows the shadow I was describing better.  Lighting setup is the same.

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Lighting Diagram

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Lighting Diagram

Lighting Diagram

I am going to try to create a lighting diagram for every picture I post.  I hope this will help some readers visualize the lighting setup.  Continue reading

Rosely Headshots

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Rosely - Beauty

OK, enough bragging.  Time to get to work.  After all, this is what’s going to get Ann to invite me back next time.  She needed beauty/headshots to showcase her work for her workshop.  So I must make sure Rosely’s skin comes out flawless; also, enhance the details in her hair.  At the same time, it must not look too perfect that it becomes artificial or flat.   As I wrote previously, the key is to preserve highlights and shows which defines the contour of the face.  At the same time, borrow good textures nearby to heal the skin.  Once you have the workflow in place; it is the matter of patience. Continue reading

Rosely – Beauty

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I am so stoked.  I am still tickled that I get to shoot this.  When Ann asked me if I am interested in shooting her styling project, I played cool and waited a full minute before replying back.  Are you kidding?!!!  This is exactly what I always wanted to shoot!   There is a good reason I seem to be the only guy buying Elle and Vogue from airport newsstands. Continue reading