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Francesca for Eye Sparkles

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I am so thrilled; it’s been a while since I’ve had this much fun.  I have been in contact with Ann off-and-on over the past year.  I am actually embarrassed to even contact her because I’ve canceled on her too many times.  This time, I am determined to see the project through.  Ann agreed to collaborate with me to shoot some accessories for Eye Sparkles fashion outlet.  To sweeten the pot, I recruited the amazingly captivating Francesca.  She is simply wonderful; I could shoot with her all day.  So many looks, so little time.

We decided to start with a clean natural look with Francesca’s hair tied up.  This way we can showcase the accessories without too much distraction.  But seriously, how could you not be distracted by Francesca?  Ann and her assistant Trang Le quickly went to work.  Watching Ann work is like watching a maestro perform.  Every move is crisp and confident; it must be such a pleasure to be doll’d up by Ann.

Meanwhile, I started to prep the set.   A white seamless paper is used for background.  For lighting, I started with the following:

  • PCB Einstein with white beauty dish.  Center, above eye-level.
  • PCB Einstein with softbox.  Behind Francesca, pointing down for hair and rim light.

Francesca by Sheng Huang (projectxo) on 500px.comA quick test shot.  Not bad, but rather boring;  too catalog-ish.   Continue reading



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Hannah by Sheng Huang (projectxo) on 500px.comShooting Hannah (and Wen) was quite a learning experience for me.  I had limited gear (speedlights, umbrellas, eBay softbox, and reflector) and tight space (my hotel room).  To be fair, I knew my challenges before I set out on my trip; but I didn’t realize how little I knew about lighting in small spaces. Continue reading

Wen and Only Wen

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Wen by Sheng Huang (projectxo) on 500px.comAbout a month ago, I had the chance to spend a weekend in Taipei.  To kill time, I decided to scout for models via Modelmayhem.  Since I was traveling, I was only able to bring limited gear.  The other restriction was location;  the temperature outside was 90+degF with high humidity.  Given these two challenges, I decide to do a glamour set in my hotel room.  I chose Wen because her portfolio shows she is experienced with my theme;  sure enough, she did not disappoint me.  She is full of energy and always excited to improvise on my ideas no matter how dumb they were.  The excitement she brought made the shoot extra fun. Continue reading


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IsaOh my… I missed the chance to shoot Isa last year when she was a guest at BAMPS.  I jumped at the chance when I heard from Erwin that Isa just came back to town. Continue reading

DLWS Kauai – Surf’s Up!

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Our assignment for 3rd day morning was to take portraits of each other with and without flash.  Now this is more in my alley.  Our group decided to pool together our Nikon speed lights; this way, we would be able to overpower the ambient light and cycle really fast if we needed to. Continue reading

Charilie – The Glamour Girl

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The hardest part after a great shoot is picking pictures.  Specially when you have a model like Charlie then every picture feels like a keeper.  Charlie simply oozes glamour with every pose she makes.

Charlie Kristine

Continue reading

Rim Light

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Here is a picture of Ms. Golnaz.  Her hair is lit with a light behind her.  Creating a nice rim which separates her from the background.