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Francesca for Eye Sparkles

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I am so thrilled; it’s been a while since I’ve had this much fun.  I have been in contact with Ann off-and-on over the past year.  I am actually embarrassed to even contact her because I’ve canceled on her too many times.  This time, I am determined to see the project through.  Ann agreed to collaborate with me to shoot some accessories for Eye Sparkles fashion outlet.  To sweeten the pot, I recruited the amazingly captivating Francesca.  She is simply wonderful; I could shoot with her all day.  So many looks, so little time.

We decided to start with a clean natural look with Francesca’s hair tied up.  This way we can showcase the accessories without too much distraction.  But seriously, how could you not be distracted by Francesca?  Ann and her assistant Trang Le quickly went to work.  Watching Ann work is like watching a maestro perform.  Every move is crisp and confident; it must be such a pleasure to be doll’d up by Ann.

Meanwhile, I started to prep the set.   A white seamless paper is used for background.  For lighting, I started with the following:

  • PCB Einstein with white beauty dish.  Center, above eye-level.
  • PCB Einstein with softbox.  Behind Francesca, pointing down for hair and rim light.

Francesca by Sheng Huang (projectxo) on 500px.comA quick test shot.  Not bad, but rather boring;  too catalog-ish.   Continue reading


Isa – High Fashion

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IsaFor this set, Isa came out with a high fashion look.  We changed the background to black for intensity.  A grid was added to the AB800 to produce a spotlight on the background.  I wanted to get some motion; so I asked Isa to flip her cape and raise her leg at the same time.  To freeze the motion, I had the camera on high speed continuous mode.  Thanks to those fast Alien Bees, they didn’t miss a sync.  As far as post processing goes, I had to spend some time smoothing out her legs; the gradient from the octa casted more shadow on her stockings.

Jillian Ann

Posted in Equipment, Lighting with tags , , , on June 11, 2011 by projectxo

I found Model Mayhem about 3 years ago.  I like browsing for models and getting ideas to work on.  One of my favorite models is Jillian Ann.  I always wondered what it would be like to work with such epic talent.  There is something about her work that I can’t take my eyes off.  So… dramatic. Continue reading

Lighting a Translucent Bottle

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Shoju - Aya Selection

Ever since I shot the Nemuro Cabernet, I’ve been very curious about how to shoot a translucent wine bottle.  Obviously, I could have used the exact same setup; but it won’t bring out the color of the liquid inside the bottle.  After some research, I found a website called DYI Photography; which described a very clever way to photograph beer (hmmm… beeer…).  The main idea is to light the bottle almost entirely from the bottom.  Here is my attempt. Continue reading