Wen and Only Wen

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Wen by Sheng Huang (projectxo) on 500px.comAbout a month ago, I had the chance to spend a weekend in Taipei.  To kill time, I decided to scout for models via Modelmayhem.  Since I was traveling, I was only able to bring limited gear.  The other restriction was location;  the temperature outside was 90+degF with high humidity.  Given these two challenges, I decide to do a glamour set in my hotel room.  I chose Wen because her portfolio shows she is experienced with my theme;  sure enough, she did not disappoint me.  She is full of energy and always excited to improvise on my ideas no matter how dumb they were.  The excitement she brought made the shoot extra fun. Continue reading


Nemuro Wine – 2009

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A couple years back, I wrote about photographing the Nemuro wine bottle; which turned out to be a lot of fun because I was able to do it with only 2 lights.  I received the 2009 vintage a few days ago.   My first reaction after seeing the bottle was: “*%^$*!, black label on black bottle…” Continue reading

Liz Ashley – Corset

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Liz Ashley

Same setup as Liz in jeans.  But with Storano red gel on the back. Continue reading

Liz Ashley – High Key

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Liz Ashley by Sheng Huang (projectxo) on 500px.com
Well… let’s call it a high-key attempt; I didn’t over-expose it enough to fit the description of classic high-key. Continue reading

Liz Ashley – Bedroom Set

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Liz AshleyI’ve wanted to do this for a long time; bedroom set with shallow DOF.  Focus on the eyes only;  bokeh cross the rest of the body. Continue reading

Liz Ashley in Jeans

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Liz AshleyFrom my second shoot with fabulous Liz Ashley.  I wanted to create a set with tight pants and tied top.  Liz didn’t disappoint me. Continue reading

Liz Ashley

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Liz Ashley“Wow…” That’s what I said every time Liz changes her pose.  It’s been about a year since I first saw her work; ever since then, I’ve been patiently waiting for her return to the bay area.  Well, she’s worth the wait. Continue reading

Eliz – Bodyscapes

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Warning – nudity.  NSFW.   Click to proceed. Continue reading


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ElizI usually don’t shoot nude or bodyscapes.  Not that I don’t like them; it’s just that I have not found the secret sauce to make the pictures come out glamorous.  Recently, I started to understand what makes bodyscape pictures stand out – shadows. Continue reading

Catch a Tiger by the… Tee?

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A few months back Freddy Couples picked Tiger Woods for 2011’s President’s Cup in Australia under the condition that Tiger must play another tournament in the fall series.  The local golf nuts at the bay area had our fingers crossed, hoping Tiger will pick our humble Frys Open to polish up his game.  Well, things couldn’t turn out any better:  Tiger did pick Frys Open, I happened to be in town, and the teleconverter (TC-20E II) I’ve been waiting for finally arrived.  A perfect storm, sort of. Continue reading