Shooting Wat Arun, Bangkok

Shooting Wat ArunI had a chance to make a brief stop in Bangkok during my year-end trip.  I only had one night to shoot; so I scouted the internet for locations which I feel best represent beauty of Bangkok at dusk.  Most importantly, it must be easily accessible since again, I had a dinner deadline.  Turned out most of the images I found of Bangkok were citiscapes, buildings, night lights, etc.  Wat Arun stood out because it is a well-lit ancient temple, and it is right next to Bangkok’s famous river.  Thanks to the tips from Prachanart Viriyaraks and my buddy Panu; I was able to find the right location, plan the shoot with enough margin after sunset, and still make it on time to dinner despite Bangkok’s infamous traffic.

I thought I needed HDR to properly expose the image.  It turned out, single exposure from one of my bracketed frames was nearly perfect.  What a majestic site, don’t you think?

Wat Arun by Sheng Huang (projectxo)) on


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