Taipei – Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

I had the chance to spend the weekend in Taipei last month; so I made sure that I packed my Benro tripod with me.  I chose CKS memorial since it was relatively close to my hotel, and easily accessible from the MRT.

I got there early so I can scout the location and frame my shots before sunset.  I stood there waiting for the memorial hall to light up; but it never happened.  The best I could do is bracket the memorial hall right around sunset.  The picture above is a blend of HDR frame with a frame exposed for sky.  The trick was to carefully paint in (unmask) the area that needed more exposure so it looks natural.

After I figured out that they were not going to light up the memorial hall, I rushed back out front to get a shot of the gate at Liberty Square.

Again, same bracketing trip was applied.  I made an HDR image with 5 frame brackets.  Layered it on top of a frame which had the exposure I liked.  Then I carefully unmask the HDR layer to get the exposure of the gate.

The parting shot is a photograph of the National Theater.  By this time, the sun is completely set, so I really needed all 5 brackets to get a good HDR photograph.   But again the process is the same.  I picked a frame which had the exposure I like for the wall at the lower right hand side and the sky.  Then carefully blended in the HDR overlay of the theater.

If you have suggestions of where I should shoot in Taipei, please let me know.



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