Liz Ashley in Jeans

Liz AshleyFrom my second shoot with fabulous Liz Ashley.  I wanted to create a set with tight pants and tied top.  Liz didn’t disappoint me.

When I shot Liz last time, I experimented with parabolic umbrella.  The lighting was poppy, but relatively flat because light placement was almost on-axis.  This time around, I wanted to do something more dramatic; with dimensions.  Lighting setup for this set focuses on Liz’s curves.  So I placed a gridded softbox behind Liz to camera left.  This produces the  rim light on the right side of her body.  Key light comes from another softbox to camera right.  Depending on the placement of this softbox, different effect can be achieved.  For the above picture, the softbox is almost parallel to Liz (slightly in-front actually).  This produces a very nice soft light on her face, yet adds dimension to the picture cause the light tapers off from right to left.

I used black seamless paper for background.  To add separation, I pop’d a SB-800 speedlight with CTO gel.  Resulting in a more interesting blue glow.

Liz suggested that we add a fan to create motion.  She was absolutely right.  I just love what it did to her hair.

Now, let’s see what happens when we point the right softbox straight at Liz, and move it back so Liz is standing right at the front edge.

Liz Ashley

Liz is virtually all feathered and side-lit by the softboxes.  Pretty interesting cause this is not something we are used to.  Not only both sides of her body are emphasized; the shadows in the middle adds mystery.

Look what this setup does to accentuate Liz’ curves.  Darn!
Liz' Curves
Now, same setup. Different wardrobe.  Liz mixing in her magic.
Liz Ashley

Liz Ashley


2 Responses to “Liz Ashley in Jeans”

  1. Nice Lighting 🙂 Liked it a lot

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