Liz Ashley

Liz Ashley“Wow…” That’s what I said every time Liz changes her pose.  It’s been about a year since I first saw her work; ever since then, I’ve been patiently waiting for her return to the bay area.  Well, she’s worth the wait. Liz Ashley – an amazing southern belle from Houston, Texas.  She is a really versatile model; just check out her portfolio.  Her  immaculate skin requires virtually no retouch; together with her mesmerizing eyes make great combination for beauty and head shots.  Her statuesque physique and her great posing skills makes her a fantastic fashion model also.  Last but not least, her fabulous curves and eye-catching proportions make her perfect for glamour and artistic nude work.  What’s more amazing is that Liz is such a sweetheart to work with.

A few months ago, I had a chance to play with Westscott’s parabolic umbrella.  I was surprised how it makes the model’s skin glow.  When placed on-axis, parabolic umbrella focuses and wraps light around the subject.  To me, it has similar effect to butterfly (clam shell) setup.  Setup for the picture above:

  • Einstein with Westcott parabolic umbrella.  Behind camera.  On axis.
  • Einstein with gridded beauty dish.  Slightly to the right of the camera.  Pointed at Liz’ face.

By the way, color of the background is originally pastel blue with green tint.  I didn’t like it very much.  For some reason, green just doesn’t go well with skin tones.  I shifted the color (took out most of the green and added blue) during raw processing with Nikon Capture.  I think it brings out Liz’s skin and eyes’ colors.
Liz Ashley
Liz Ashley
Fabulous, isn’t she?
Liz Ashley
Liz Ashley
Liz Ashley
Setup for dark-gray background series is pretty much the same; except I didn’t put enough power on the parabolic umbrella.  Therefore, Liz’s body was actually about 1 to 2 stops darker; this made it look like she was wearing stockings.  I fixed it by bumping up the exposure on a separate file, then overlaid it on top of the correctly exposed face.
Liz AshleyI am impressed how Liz can change her look by simply tossing her hair to the side or holding it up.  Amazing.

Liz Ashley


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