JenEvery once in a while I come across models that I knew I had to work with; Jen is a perfect example. 

I first saw Jen’s pictures last August.  She’s got the quality of a fashion model which I look for – tall and slender with eyes to mesmerize viewers.  What I didn’t know was how well she poses and her ability to follow instructions.  I was not dissapointed.


For the above picture, we used a single strobe with nothing but a simple reflector.  The idea is to create a harsh light so it throws a clear shadow on the background.  I am normally not particularly crazy about bikini shoots, but I noticed she looked really comfortable when she started moving.  So I asked her to gradually move down as she poses.  Wow… exactly what I was looking for!  The raw file was a little under exposed because the light was angled and metered for her full-length portrait; I had to bump the exposure up about half a stop in raw conversion.  But I like the shadow and drama of this setup.


Set up for the above picture is a little more complicated.  First, the background are lit with two lights; hidden behind V-cards acting as gobo.  The V-cards also serve as reflectors for really nice fill.  Key light comes from a Strobolite inside a softbox; camera right.  Finally, another Strobolite + parabolic umbrella is used as on-axis fill.  I am intrigued by the effect of the parabolic umbrella; very poppy.  Similar to clamshell setup.

JenIf I remember it correctly, there was one softbox camera right and a V-card reflector to the left of Jen.  There may be another light on-axis for fill.

A note on those Westcott Strobelites.  Compared to the Alien Bees or Einsteins, they recycle very slow; I’ve missed quite a few shots because it took several seconds before it is ready to pop again.  Also the color temperature is colder.


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