Jen – Natural Light

Jen - Natural Light

No fancy lighting trick here.  Just beautiful Jen with her memorizing eyes.  I just love the highlights on her hair.  From this angle, she does have a slight resemblance to Jennifer Morrison (House MD).  I pre-processed the raw file with Capture NX2 – adjusted the black point to improve contrast (she was slightly back-lit); then just finish up with minor retouches in Photoshop.

I am really happy with how the above picture turned out; hard to take my eyes off.  I spent a lot of time cropping; original file was portrait orientation, about 3/4 length.  I decided to put the focus on her face and eyes.  I placed Jen on the right 1/3, and extended the left side with Photoshop’s content aware fill.

The above picture was taken natural light only; no reflector fill.  It was just a corner of a warehouse.


Amazing… isn’t she.


One Response to “Jen – Natural Light”

  1. What fine work and so inspiring too. Makes me what to run out and find a lovely young lady to capture a few frames of myself.

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