Tailgate Party Anyone?


This was shot at a make-shift parking lot studio.

My devious ploy to impress Ann worked.  She invited me back to shoot some works from her A-List Make Up teammates.  I invited Andy to come along for the shoot since there will be 4 models; I thought it will be nice to have different looks.  Unfortunately, we only had one conference room to work with.  Then Ann suggested that we shoot outdoors with natural light.  While there were some nice greenery in the parking lot; the sun was going down fast.  Fortunately, I brought my background stands + black cloth.  So I decided to setup a make-shift studio at the back parking lot.

I should have taken a picture of the setup.  The whole studio and model-shoot scene attracted a lot of attention.

Meet beautiful Liana.  Liana’s look is very exotic.  Since we were shooting outdoors; she was very cold and had to patiently wait for me to finish shooting other girls.  But the minute she gets on the set and sees me raise my camera, her eyes perk up!  This is actually the 1st test shot I took to check lighting/exposure while her MUA Paige was tidying up her hair.  I chimp’d a the LCD screen and called out excitedly: “OK, that’s it! Let’s call it the day!”  Boy, did I have fun that day.

Post-processing.  I always convert NEF (raw) file to TIFF using Nikon NX2.   It seems to do a better job than Adobe Camera Raw; at least to me.  Basic processing steps:

– Brighten the eyes and enhance hair highlights with 0.5 stop exposure and more contrast.

– Beauty retouch/heal skin.

– Smooth out highlight and shadow transitions.

– Final adjustment on contrast.

More of Liana to come in future posts.

parking lot

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