I Shoot People

I thought may be I should post something other than fabulous models for a change.  I had the chance to attend a Warriors game a few weeks ago against Cleveland Cavaliers.  I was told we had court side seats; so naturally I brought my new 70-200mm VR2 lens; excited that I may get some nice closeup action shots.  Wrong!  I was not aware that they have a 3″ rule (any lens longer than 3″ are not allowed).  This is the 2nd time I was rejected for the size of my equipment (no pun intended; first time was at the Formula One Paddock walk in Singapore).  Bummer.  As you can see, 28-70mm doesn’t get you much action even from court side seats.  Oh well… got to do with what you have at hand.  That was one of the three shots I took of the game.  Do I just seat there and pout?  NOOOOO… 

Quickly I found more interesting subjects other than hoop stars.   OK, OK, I brought my camera to shoot the cheerleaders.  There, I said it.  But this being a technical blog, I am going to provide some lesson learned.

– 3″ is the limit.  So I will bring my 85mm f1.4 next time.  Bigger aperture,  slightly longer zoom than my beast (28-70mm f2.8), but shorter than 3″.

– ISO is always a love/hate thing for me when it comes to night time sports.  While higher ISO allows you to freeze action with faster shutter speed, it also reduces the contrast.  I suppose a full frame camera will do better job than my D300.

– Use continuous auto-focus.  No time to focus and recompose.

– Continuous high speed release mode is your friend.  Just keep shooting.  Things happen so quickly you can’t stop and think.  People around me thought I was a paparazzi cause whenever the cheerleaders passes by, my camera comes up like a machine gun.  What they don’t know is that I was only shooting 6 frames per second.  The D3 I am drooling for shoots 12 fps!  Now that’s a UZI.  Better start saving and pray that Yen goes down + dollar goes up.

– Argh.. the light.  I can’t quite make up the color of the light.  It’s kind of a mix between fluorescent and flood light.  I had to experiment with WB correction in Nikon NX2 to get a decent color.  Even that, I am still not very happy.  Cause the light points straight down from the ceiling.  This always casts a shadow over people’s eyes.  Hate it.

Anyway, enjoy the show.  By the way, I think the Warriors won…  I think.


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  1. […] additional random thoughts.  Yes, I do shoot things other than people.  Rarely, but I do.  Bottles are very nice subjects.  They are patient.  They hold the pose […]

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