Rosely - Fashion Baby

This picture shows the shadow I was describing better.  Lighting setup is the same.

Lighting Diagram

Lighting Diagram

What can’t be seen from the diagram is the height and the angle for which the beauty dish as setup.  A while back when I attended DLWS, Joe always talked about some initial shots he took lacked gradient; so he had to move the lights.  I understood what he meant by gradient (gradual change in light).  In this case, Rosely’s upper body is well lit; then it gradually turns dark towards her lower body.  What Joe didn’t explain was how he moved the light to achieve gradient.

After some experiment, I learned there are several ways to do it.  In this case, I did it by pointing the beauty dish down; aiming straight at Rosely’s face.  So the relative distance from BD to head and BD to lower body is different.   The other way do it is through “feathering”.  Now that’s something I need experiment with.  Stay tuned.


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