Rosely – Beauty

I am so stoked.  I am still tickled that I get to shoot this.  When Ann asked me if I am interested in shooting her styling project, I played cool and waited a full minute before replying back.  Are you kidding?!!!  This is exactly what I always wanted to shoot!   There is a good reason I seem to be the only guy buying Elle and Vogue from airport newsstands.

Ann did a fantastic job with Rosely’s make-up and hair.  Rosely nailed all the poses and expressions.  Which made my job so much easier.  Post-processing was a breeze since I already have the beauty retouch work-flow nailed down.

This is actually a one light setup.  I used a silver beauty dish on an Einstein.   Almost dead center and slightly angled down.  About 3 feet in front of Rosely; which is probably the best focal distance for BD.  There is a silver reflector underneath to fill in the shadows under the nose and chin.  That’s it!  Ann and Rosely made it a no brainer for me.

Elegant, isn’t it?  What a fantastic neck line!


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