Charilie – The Glamour Girl

The hardest part after a great shoot is picking pictures.  Specially when you have a model like Charlie then every picture feels like a keeper.  Charlie simply oozes glamour with every pose she makes.

Charlie Kristine

For this shot, I had to experiment with the side/back lights.  This is the occasion where modeling light (hot light coming from the strobe) really helps you visualize where the light is going to hit.  I think the left side light either didn’t fire or was pointing at the wrong place.   Why didn’t it fire?  I was using a single pair of pocket wizards.  The other lights were triggered optically.  The master light is the one with gridded beauty dish.  Well guess what?  The grid spot is so tight (restricts the light spread into a tight circle) that the main light may not hit the other strobes.   Looks like I am going to spend more money on some more pocket wizards.

As far as post processing goes, just simple healing to remove spots on her skin and some wrinkles.  Smoothed out her goose bumps (yes, it was cold).  Nothing special.  Charlie did a great job preparing herself.  Comments welcome.


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