Shooting Charlie

Gabriella’s shoot got my shooting adrenaline going.  I found myself liking fashion and glamor photography more and more.  I started scouting for new subjects to shoot and came across Charlie Kristine.  What can I say about Charlie… she is absolutely gorgeous and statuesque.  She seemed a little disappointed that I wanted to shoot more fashion; cause she is all about glamour!

Charlie Kristine

Lighting for this shot is similar to Gabriella’s shoot:

– Beauty dish right side of camera, above.
– Two lights behind Charlie for side light.
– Another light to the left of camera for fill.

This is definitely becoming one of my favorite glamour setups.  The key is to angle the beauty dish down and feather the light so it gradually adds shadows from torso down.  The most difficult part for me are the rim lights.  I still need to experiment it a little to get it right.


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