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Side Lit

Posted in Lighting, Personal with tags on December 21, 2010 by projectxo

One of the new tricks I experimented when shooting Gabriella was rim lighting.  Adding light from the side, slightly behind creates a rim around the body and face.  It adds dimension to the portrait.  Not to mention that it separates the subject from the background.  This is specially important if your subject has dark hair.  I like what it does to the curves of the body.
Gabriella Mia - Glamour Continue reading

Meeting Michael Schumacher

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The most exciting event during Singapore GP for me was meeting Michael Schumacher at Mercedes GP’s VIP suite.  We were told Michael will come  up for 15 minutes; but he won’t be signing any autographs.  Makes sense; if he signs one, then he will have to stick around and make every “VIP” happy.  But I was determined not to go home empty handed.   Gosh, the statistics of me getting invited back to F1 VIP suite is probably less than the chance of me winning the lottery.  Let alone the chance of meeting the world champion!  So I had to come up with an plan.  Continue reading

Fast Cars!

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I don’t usually shoot cars.  But the minute I heard I was invited to Mercedes GP’s VIP suit, I booked the ticket and ordered 70-200mm VR II rental lens.  It’s not often you get to be Michael Schumacher’s guest: champagnes and caviar, uhmmm…..  Continue reading

Beauty Retouch

Posted in Post-Processing on December 15, 2010 by projectxo

I have done and learned a lot about portrait retouch.  First I started with simple blur, then moved on to surface blur with reduced opacity.  Then I got lazy and started using pre-made script.  But they all turn out kind of fake; I always end up losing texture and depth/dimension.  So the face looks kind of… flat.   Finally I learned a new technique that smooths out the the skin bumps; yet keep the texture around.  I must say, it really works.  It’s a lot of work; but definitely worth it.  Check it out.  Isn’t it amazing?  Continue reading

Gabriella Mia

Posted in Lighting, Post-Processing on December 11, 2010 by projectxo

It’s been a while since I did a photoshoot with a model; mainly because I just don’t have time, and there is not that many interesting subjects to shoot.  Then I saw a notice from BAMPS and I just couldn’t resist.   I really enjoyed shooting Gabriella cause she is very good at posing.  She poses, hear you click, then moves on to the next pose quickly.  There is a synchronous handshake going on that is very rhythmic.  I particularly like the fashion set; there is a lot of good motion in these pictures.

Gabriella Mia - Fashion

Rubber End Cap for Alien Bees Adapter

Posted in Equipment, Lighting on December 8, 2010 by projectxo

Found a better end cap for AB speed light home hack.

3" Rubber End Cap with Thread

3" Rubber End Cap with Thread

Here is the link to the hack.