Sunrise over San Francisco

We woke up 4AM the 2nd day to shoot sunrise over San Francisco from Treasure Island.  A storm moved in with really strong wind.  It started raining really hard the night before; everyone’s wondering if we are going to be able to shoot without getting blown away or soaked.  One thing I learned about professional landscape shooter is that weather does not seem to matter; they can shoot in blizzard if there is something interesting. Luckily, as we arrived at Treasure Island, the rain started to taper off.   So we started shooting with some light drizzle, and eventually the rain stopped.  This makes for very dramatic sky as the clouds starts to disperse.  The best time to shoot is when the sun is about to rise; it makes the sky really blue.

This picture was shot with long exposure.  The other thing I learned about landscape photography is that I need a serious tripod.  My travel tripod kept shaking whenever wind blows; which totally messes up the sharpness of the pictures.

How did I get that crazy color?  Was it Photoshop?  No.  The trick is white balance.  I shot it with flourescent WB; which turns the sky a little purple.  Neat eh?

Sunrise over San Francisco

Sunrise over San Francisco


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